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Cássio plays and “calms” the Corinthians after Danilo and Sheikh quit

Goalkeeper Cássio will miss Corinthians' historical teammates at the end of the Brazilian championship with the retirement of Emerson Sheika and without updating midfielder Danilo, but he does not see how he traces the path so quickly. Surprisingly, he is being interrogated; if he expects differences from the level of those that were made with the couple, when he left Timon, he played with the theme.

“Yes, I'm 31? Before that, there is a good road ahead (laughs), – said shirt 12, which arrived at the club in 2012, two years after Danilo and one after Sheika. At that time, still a young man who did not succeed in PSV-HOL, the Corinthian giant showed him all his gratitude.

“It’s easy to talk to these guys, they helped the Corinthians to be at this level, these are two people who did a lot for the Corinthians on the field and outside the field. I wish them success, I will participate in the game in the sheikhs, show respect for them. For Danilo, I will wish good luck, wherever he is, because he is a very victorious guy. I hope you won't forget me, ”he joked.

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In assessing the Corinthian idol, both of them will have only an exact idea of ​​what they have done for the club from now on. Sure that this will happen to you, Cassio said he hopes to share responsibility for the cast with other names.

“This is as good for Danilo as it is for the Sheikh. This (idolatry) will appear more because he stopped playing or leaving. In my case it will be the same when I stop playing, I will see what I have done. Corinthians are too big to play to just be a reference. I believe that new players should arrive. These closest players who can reach quickly adapt, ”he concluded.

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(Photo: Daniel Augusto Jr. / Ag. Corinthians)

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