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Casey Daniel: “Fikante” player, the family of Britons and 3 more convicts – Yornal Correo

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The State Ministry of Parana condemned seven people for the death of player Daniel at the end of October in the metropolitan area of ​​Curitiba. In addition to the Brits family, four people were accused of involvement in a crime.

A surprise in connection with the police investigation was the indictment of 19-year-old Evelina Brizola Perusso, who “stayed” with the victim on the side before the crime. She will respond with slanderous denunciation and procedural fraud, but will not be arrested.

“There was an attempt to commit crimes to third parties, in which they deliberately did not participate. It was an attempt to disrupt the investigation, which led to the crime of false testimony, ”said prosecutor João Milton Salles Wolu. “When they heard him, he led Eduardo Purkote to the crime scene. Upon completion of the investigation and after my analysis, it was concluded that he did not participate, ”he explains. Purcote, who was charged with a police investigation, was not charged with any crime and was released on Monday (26) after twelve days in prison.

Evelyn will not be arrested because the punishment for crimes she has to answer is low. “The crime is one of the slanderous denunciations, and the means used for this were false evidence. He falsely explained this criminal behavior to Edward (Purkote). ”

In testimony, Avellin said that Eduardo Pukort was the one who gave the knife to Edison Britt Junior, confessed to the murder author. She also said that Purcot broke Daniel's cell phone and participated in beating a player. According to the prosecutor, other witnesses contradict this version, and there is no evidence that Purcot, who was on the side with his twin brother, was involved in the crime.

Edison Britts Junior, Yor King, David Vollerault and Eduardo Enrique da Silva were also convicted, they were in the black Velostere and brought the player to the place where he was killed. They will be responsible for triple murder, hiding corpses and procedural fraud.

Christians Britts accused of murder. Allan Brittes was charged with procedural fraud and forcing witnesses.

Evellyn lawyers said they were surprised by the complaint. Luis Roberto Zagenel, protector of the young woman, says she is completely innocent. “It was surprising that she was convicted because the delegate himself understood that Avellin was a witness to the facts,” he says. “She was forced to be in the residence and forced to purify the blood. She was forced to be forced into witnesses, including herself, ”she adds.

The lawyer claims to be confident that Evelyn, who has a small child, will be acquitted. “In the Emergence Bulletin there is a police bulletin issued by Evelyn's mother, because in this situation she is threatened in social networks. She witnessed a horrific scene, she said that they knew the police, even fearing the consequences. This is a terrific complaint, ”he concludes.

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