Sunday , January 17 2021

By name, Palmeiras will have to improve teams from the last positions

The following rounds of the Brazilian championship promise to be painful for Palmeiras. In addition to the national title anxiety, the team reconciles optimism in the face of opponents who are in the relegation zone, with mistrust losing a few points for clubs that occupy the last positions of the table.

The team can become a champion on Wednesday if they win America-MG and count on a combination of some results in this 36th round. Inter and Flamengo can not win, respectively, Atletico-MG and Grimmio.

Of the four current occupiers of the relegation zone, for three Palmeiras lost points. The last trip was on Sunday, for the already lowered level of Paraná. Other fluctuations were in the first round, with two scoreless draws. One is with the Chapecoense, at home, and the other against América-MG, the opponent of this medium in Allianz Parque. A duel in August in Belo Horizonte even missed a penalty in the direction of Jean.

The only defeat of Palmeiras as the main one in this Brazilian was for the bad team campaign. The sport, currently above the point of departure, won in Allianz 3-2 in May. In June, the team led by Roger Machado faltered in front of the dark lantern of the competition, Ciara, not enjoying the bad moment of the opponent and stay in a 2-2 draw in Fortaleza.

"We have to play three games, and we are leaders, we need to focus on the final stage so that we do not make the same mistakes," said midfielder Bruno Enrique about the match against Paraná in Londrina on Sunday. “We didn’t have to make excuses, we wanted to win, we came to fight, to win, and we knew that we could make a big step for the title,” he added.

Last year, Palmeiras took second place, as well as crushed points, lost by teams from the bottom of the table. For example, the lowered Avaí and Coritiba took the best place, as did Victoria, who avoided a fall in the last round. Felipan has one of his troubling actors problems. “We have to cope so that it does not affect the field,” said the coach.

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