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Barras City Records Two Meningitis Deaths and Investigates Third Case

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Barras City Primary Care Coordinator, nurse Gorete Lages, reported that two residents died as victims of bacterial meningitis in the second half, both cases were confirmed by a medical report. The third death on Monday (18) of the 17-year-old resident of Barras is under investigation and awaits a final diagnosis.

If a third suspicion of bacterial meningitis is confirmed, there will be three deaths from this disease in one municipality in a very short time. In the first two cases, a woman (aged 50 to 60 years old) who lived in an urban area and a teenager (12 years old) who lived in a rural area of ​​the city died. The facilitator emphasized that the three patients had no contact with each other.

“We had the first two laboratory confirmed cases, but today there is no confirmation. The 17-year-old patient had clinical symptoms of bacterial meningitis, but the picture also indicated hemorrhagic dengue. We are waiting for tests. In this particular case, we do not exclude or confirm any of these diseases. He was hospitalized last week, ”said the coordinator.

In all three cases, patients were referred from the regional hospital. Leonid Melo at the Nathan Portela Institute of Tropical Diseases in Terezin. Everyone died in Terezin.

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Death from this disease caused a panic among residents of municipalities; many even talked about a possible outbreak. Gorete Lages Coordinator is currently dismissing an alarming situation. Preventive measures have been taken to prevent the infection of more people.

“In all three cases, the municipal health department provided full assistance to sick people assisted by the Family Health team. We even carried out chemoprophylaxis, with which the patients contacted, in the family and at school. There were medicines to avoid future matters. "

“We had a lot of rumors, but we just want to note that Family Health teams provide all the necessary assistance, conduct lectures in schools and medical facilities, following the patient records.”

Family health teams are also actively looking for vaccination cards for children and adolescents to vaccinate those who are not vaccinated against this disease, which has more than one type of manifestation.

The coordinator determined that the first victim, a woman aged 50 to 60, was not vaccinated against this disease. As for the two teenagers, there is no confirmation.


The Ministry of Health clarifies that “meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. Meningitis can be caused by a virus or bacteria that are more serious. ”

The main way to prevent meningitis is through vaccination. Other forms of prevention include: preventing agglomeration and maintaining ventilation and a clean environment, as well as personal hygiene.

“Meningitis is a syndrome in which the clinical picture is usually severe, so if you think that you or someone may have symptoms of meningitis, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible. The doctor can determine if they have the disease, the type of meningitis, and the best treatment. "

“In bacterial meningitis, transmission usually occurs from person to person through the respiratory tract, through droplets and discharge from the upper respiratory tract (nose and throat). In viral meningitis, transmission is fecal-oral. ”

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