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Amazon has a crisis plan. And the publishers thank

In the face of a crisis that hail and culture, two major Brazilian bookstores, Amazon decided to give "help" to the publishers and, at the same time, to head the prospectus, full of opportunities in Brazil.

The American giant said that it can expect payment of receivables, which now has a time frame between two and three months at rates lower than the market. The information was published on Wednesday (28) in the newspaper Valor Econômico.

However, according to the news, Amazon asks publishers to look for it before canceling or postponing the release of books. The giant, which has 10% of the Brazilian publishing market, may even publish books in a physical or digital format.

Almost simultaneously, the Saraiva and Cultura bookstores demanded judicial recovery in the second half of this year. Both justified the economic crisis and the difficulties in selling books as the main reasons for canceling the deal.

According to the Brazilian Book Chamber, the practice of discounts and competition at the lowest price damaged the sector. “The consumer has lost the value of the book. From time to time our companies began to compete for a discount. No business resists this practice. ”

The problem is that without two large companies in the industry, publishers also face difficulties, since Saraiva and Cultura make up about 40% of the revenues of several of them.

Love letter

Louis Schwartz, president of Companhia das Letras (one of the largest publishers in the sector), announced on Tuesday a letter calling for unity among all industry players to find "creative and idealistic solutions for the moment."

“Not wanting to publicly judge third-party mistakes, but wanting to honestly criticize this category as a whole, I am writing this open letter further to ask all of us, editors, booksellers and authors to look for creative and idealistic solutions right now,” says Schwartz.

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