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Tobacco, alcohol and sun wreak havoc in Brittany

Illustration of cancer screening. – C. Pouzet / SIPA

  • Brittany is the region most affected by cancer, as well as in Aufrance de France and Normandy.
  • Cancer of the esophagus, stomach, liver, and mouth, often associated with the use of alcohol and tobacco, kills more than anywhere else.
  • Bretons are also more affected by skin melanoma.

This is the podium on which Brittany would have gone well. Between 2007 and 2016, 19,018 new cases of cancer were registered in the region and 8,623 deaths were registered annually. These figures are published for the first time at the regional level.
The French Public Health Agency has made Brittany the French region most affected by the disease in the countries of de France and Normandy. “This is the whole big northwest quarter that is concerned,” said Natalie Le Formal, director of public health at the Regional Health Agency.

The study emphasizes excessive morbidity and excess mortality from cancer of the esophagus, stomach, liver and mouth in Brittany. Cancers are often associated with combined consumption.
tobacco and alcohol, unfortunately, two epidemics
well known in Brittany. This is especially true for men and Finistere, where the situation is even more alarming.

Britons are less protected from the sun

More surprisingly, the region also has excess mortality of more than 20% for each sex due to melanoma, skin cancer, often associated with excessive sun exposure. Strange, because the region has no reputation for the most conducive idleness. Several reasons may explain this phenomenon. “People tend to be less protected when the sky is overcast, which does not prevent the passage of ultraviolet radiation. And the Bretons are easily exposed all day, ”said Professor Robeskevich, director of the registry of digestive tumors in Finistère.

Light skin is also an explanation for this regional fragility, as is the professional profile of its inhabitants. “There are many categories of people who work outside of Brittany as fishermen or farmers and who are actually more vulnerable,” says a health professional. Advice, consider protecting yourself from the sun in Brittany, even if it is not too beautiful.

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