Thursday , January 28 2021

The robot serves customers in a restaurant in Nepal: “They are so beautiful,”

Robot M50 replaces servers in a restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal. And that's not all, because it also manages commands that run directly from the screen embedded in the customer table.

"Good appetite!"Desire of Ginger, Nepal's first server robot, bringing a plate of tilled ravioli to the table of hungry customers." This poor Himalayan country is better known for its high mountains than its technological feats, but a group of young people, self-taught innovators, are changing the game.

The local launch of Paaila Technology fully built ginger, a five-foot robot, and programmed it to understand English and Nepali. Ginger – ginger in English – as a sign of respect for this spice, which is very present in Nepalese cuisine, may even include such jokes as artificial intelligence from Apple and Amazon, Siri and Alexa.

Three ginger works in the restaurant Naulo in the dusty capital of Kathmandu, where the hilly streets and collapsed buildings are still the result of a powerful earthquake more than three years ago. "This is our training ground. We adjust it with customer responses.– said AFP Binay Raut, the company leader.

A team of 25 engineers, ever younger than Mr. Rout and his 27 years old, worked for many months on creating a robot by hand, welding and molding a prototype in a tiny three-room office. The engineers compensated for the lack of technological infrastructure in Nepal due to their ingenuity: the elegant Ginger hull was painted in the workshop next door.

Restaurant "Naulo" opened four months ago. Since then, its server-robots have become attractive, attracting curious customers of all ages.

"They are so beautiful, I can not believe that they were made in Nepal"

Ginger, capable of detecting movements and obstacles, deftly floats in a crowded restaurant, carrying trays laden with food. Customers order through the built-in touch menu on the tables, and Ginger is called in the kitchen as soon as the dishes are ready. "This is a completely new experience.– says 73-year-old Shalikram Sharma, who was born before the arrival of television in Nepal.

Ginger has become a star that is being asked for about herself, and she is often bothered by children who want to take pictures with her. "They are so beautiful. I can't believe they were made in Nepal,“Neelam Kumar Bimali reacts, the client uses his family dinner.

In terms of global markets, Paaila Technology files patents on its models to start sales in Nepal and abroad.

Recently, the World Economic Forum (WEF) estimated that by 2025, more than half of the jobs will be provided by robots, about twice as many.

It is for this trend creators Ginger make bets.

At the moment, some human servers are helping Ginger with his work, but the development of the update should make Naulo a fully roboted restaurant.

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