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The proposal to reduce the VAT rate for electricity rejected

According to the current legislation, this tax was reduced to 6%, this tax was reduced by the current government to 21%, in particular, to finance tax changes aimed at reducing the tax burden on labor.

To alleviate the difficulties that some households face in paying their electricity bills, socialists have offered a return of up to 6%.

The subject came to the fore with the actions of the "yellow vests", condemning their daily difficulties to make ends meet. However, in the opinion of his detractors, this measure does not offer a sustainable solution, since it also causes a slowdown in the index when the price of electricity is taken into account when calculating it. Its budget value is also significant: 600 million euros.

For some, it is also a non-ecological solution that benefits all households, while households in danger are most affected by the growth of electricity. Hence proposals for solutions that will pass through energy vouchers or incentives for isolating homes.

"One does not interfere with the other. Not because we are moving towards greater tax justice, we cannot move towards greater social justice.Ahmed Laaway (PS) noted, having exhausted the governmental history of isolation politics.

For the socialists, the pill was all the more bitter because the committee during the session voted to lower the VAT on garden plants.

"Week of march for climate, what do socialists do? They want to lower the VAT on electricity. we must dare! This is a short-sighted measurePeter Dedecker (N-VA) replied.

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