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Polynesia needs more donors

Do you see a much larger number of donors every year on World Blood Day?
“Yes, fortunately, the population seems sensitive to this important gesture of love to make all of our hospital structures work properly.”

How many donors are on this day?
"We hope 150 donors are the maximum that we can do."

Did the blood donor association bring more donors last year? ?
"This association can allow us to communicate better, collect donations, hold graduation ceremonies, medals … which may increase awareness and also improve our supply."

Have you sent SMS too recently?
"This is a modern and practical way to attract as many donors as possible, based on the characteristics of the desired blood."

There are about 7,000 donors per year in Polynesia, but it is important to have more, since Polynesia is autonomous. When do you need blood most? It is often said that these are accidents …
Yes and no Accidents are a necessity, but most of the blood consumed is consumed by patients suffering from cancer, gynecology, obstetrics, and premature babies. this blood cannot be imported; it is produced locally. "

What blood type is most needed?
“Of course, O is the most demanded blood, it makes up 40% of the population, but 60% of our consumption. We are always on the verge of a razor with respect to the blood of group O ”.

You also mentioned with us a bill to improve patient care, especially in remote islands. What exactly will change? And where is this bill now?
“I am very pleased, we have made good progress thanks to the Ministry of Health, so we managed to get the bill passed by the Territorial Assembly of Polynesia, the law of the country, which allows the creation of remote islands. what is called transfusion in isolation is a bit like the American and French armies outside France, so we can transfuse into exceptional, complex, completely isolated and save lives. "

Copywriting with Sophie Goebel and Naya Bennett

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