Tuesday , November 19 2019
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Model Tesla X has covered 550,000 kilometers since 2016

Since 2016, the Tesla Model X has traveled the equivalent of 550,000 kilometers. The ability to make a small video assessment of the reliability of the machine.

It is common to read negative opinions or questions about the reliability and service life of batteries installed on electric vehicles. To convince these people, Tesloop has just released a video featuring the Tesla Model X, which since August 2016 has covered more than half a million kilometers.

This company specializes in transporting people. She travels between Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego. Thus, each of the company's vehicles makes an average of 30,000 kilometers per month.

Model X, which seems to be in perfect condition, covered 550,000 kilometers with the same engines and original batteries. After all, according to Tesloop, the biggest expense for tires. Still relying on what the video says, cars are loaded 95% up to four times a day in the network of branded superchargers. Over time, the battery would lose about 60 kilometers of autonomy.

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