Saturday , January 23 2021

"Italy was absent from the World Cup, disappointment, but a chance to recover"

Italy defeated the USA on Tuesday (1-0) in a friendly match at Luminus Arena in Genk. Matteo Politano scored the decisive goal in extra time.

“The audience pushed our team to the end of the game, we are busy building a team, defined to the end, and who wants to win matches. The public still loves Italian training, and I think that is normal. Currently, the goal is reconstruction, Italy is a “historical” choice, which I think is good for football.Explanations Salvatore Sirigu to our microphone.

And the Italian doorman add: “The absence of the 2018 World Cup was a disappointment, but also the opportunity to recover from a new team and a change of generations. The ethnic side is very important in Italy, it is he who pushes us to great results. I do not see Italy in the World Cup, it was a bit strange for everyone I think. ”

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