Wednesday , January 20 2021

Is Alain Delon going to end his career?


At the age of 83, the actor bows.

At least, to believe the director Patrice Leconte, with whom Alain Delon (accompanied by Juliette Binoche) wanted to make the last film of his career.

"It was left for reasons that were too difficult to explain, not even to finance,

instructs the French director
TV entertainment,
Heart, stupid reasons. Like a marvelous project, all the stars were aligned, all the lights were green, and the story only wore out for production reasons … so this would never happen. Too bad!

A separate role that the director even hoped to present at the Cannes Film Festival, so that the actor said goodbye, for the sacred monster of French cinema

"That's why we couldn't bring it back with someone else. That would be absurd. Turning with Delon and Binosh, putting them in presence … it was interesting to capture.

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