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IPad mini 5 will support Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard

After many years without updates, Apple seems to want to release a new iPad mini, which should see this day in the coming weeks.

According to the developer Steve truton smithalready at the beginning of many discoveries in the depths of iOS, Tablet should support Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. As for the keyboard, it will probably be a specific model that is smaller than its predecessors, but the tablet can then supply the SmartConnector port … if Apple does not use Bluetooth technology.

For stylus, we are also banking on the first generation Apple Pencilsince the tablet should still use Lightning and Touch ID. Apple, as a rule, wants to offer an affordable price, so it is logical that it does not provide its latest version of components (Face ID, Apple Pencil 2 ….). The touch layer also cannot be combined with the screen, like on the iPad 6, which is a bit painful to draw.

Truton Smith does not certify This information is obtained in the latest beta version of iOS 12.2.but code names (J210, J211, J217 and J218), however, seem to correspond to different declinations.

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