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Honorary Prize: Dying Light 2 – The Golden Pixels E3 2019: Top Game Shows

A very pleasant surprise of 2015 and the long life that still honors him, Dying Light is distinguished by its skillful combination of survival, parkour and hand-to-hand combat. With this in mind, the Techland poles placed the dishes as a whole in order to offer a more refined license.

For at least 45 minutes, Techland has presented us with various mechanisms that will control Dying Light 2. And for many reasons, the name looks like a sequel that pulls up an already solid concept. First of all, as far as the gameplay is concerned, the fans must be in a certain location. Parkour will allow you to run on the walls, jump on the walls, ride from the slides … in short, a whole panel of movements that during our presentation were riveted with impressive energy and smoothness. A close battle will always be in the center of the combat system and will lead to executions of cruelty, which do not have to blush before the canons of the genre.

But the new aspiration of Techland lies in its scenarios and its branches. Rather, the “Dying Light 2” scenario, linear and consistent in the first episode, seems to have the “choice / effect” principle as a philosophy. Techland announces that depending on your choice, you can deprive yourself of 50% of game content.while providing repeatability that we imagine is huge, especially since the game world is large and dense.

The first “Dying Light” showed an approximate continuation of the work of its developers, who this year again proved to us that they intend to take good care of their franchise. Dying Light 2 should be a big surprise when it comes out, as expected, in the second quarter of 2020,

Trailer E3 2019 by Dying Light 2

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