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Euro Hockey: red lions reached the final after an incredible match with Germany (4-2)

The Red Lions defeated Germany on Thursday in the Euro Hockey League semi-final in Antwerp. They will meet with Spain in the tournament finals.

Belgium, the reigning world champion and the 2nd country of the world, reached the final of the European Championship in Men's Hockey after winning 4-2 in Germany (FIH-7) in the semifinal of the competition. Thursday evening in Vilrijk. For its third continental finals in its history, Belgium will fight Spain on Saturday (FIH-9), which earlier in the evening was imposed 4-3 against the Netherlands, title holders, in the first half. final. The winner of this fight will automatically be eligible for the next Olympics in Tokyo.

At the full stage (7,500 people), Belgium found a well-known enemy. Germany, the eight-time European champion, has already crossed the path of Shane Macleod’s men in the semifinals of the previous Euro in Amsterdam (victory in the shoot-out with a score of 2: 0), as well as in the quarterfinals of the Bhubaneswar Worlds, end of 2018 (2: 1 success).

Vincent Vanash was the first of two goalkeepers who was called in the box corner (piece), which was well opposed by Victor Wegnese. The second frank opportunity returned to Mannshaft, also on the PC, but Florian Fuchs’s hint went beyond that. The Red Lions took control of the end of the period and the beginning of the next. The 1st Belgian, shot dead by Tom Bon, broke the left number of gates defended by Victor Ali (15th place).

At the beginning of the second quarter, after the rescue of a German club on the line, the Belgian 2nd PK, this time with Loic Luiper at the gun, found Ali himself (16th place). That is why against the game Christopher Ruhr opened the score after the action led by Mats Grambusch (21st).

Belgium responded immediately, but the 3rd PC, this time with Alexander Hendricks on the field, again found Ali (23rd). The placement error in defense allowed Ryur to break through the “baseline”. His unsuccessful attempt, however, found Fuchs, who had no difficulty in tricking Vanasha (26th).

Stunning Red Lions

Having paid poorly with a score of 0-2 during the break, the world champions returned to the field in the hope of imitating the realism of their rival. Despite the clear dominance and two players torn out of the frame by Hendrix, the ball still did not turn around for the host country. Vanash played well on the 4th German GP, ​​and then on the 5th, where the referee whistled a penalty (41st). This was without taking into account the Belgian doorman's eagle eye, who rightly asked the video for an erroneous hand to lock the computer.

The next minute, the match took a different turn, with the implementation of the 6th Belgian PC Tom Boone flat sleep (42nd). This decline in score revived the entire stadium and allowed the Red Lions to finally rely on their twelfth person. While Vanasz continued his skills on the opponent's PC, Nicolas de Kerpel released his team after a complicated stage of continuing the Belgian eighth PC (53). Germany hesitated, and Vegnes took the opportunity to knock him out of a magnificent reversal in ceiling lighting (56). For 14 minutes, MacLeod's fighters managed to turn the tide before Cedric Charlier set the score at the end of the match, and Germany played eleven field players.

Against Spain, which won 5-0 in its first match last Friday, Belgium will try on Saturday (20:30) to win its first European title and Olympic ticket. Germany will play for bronze in the early evening (18:00) against the Netherlands, five-time European champions and winners of the last two Euro issues.

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