Friday , January 22 2021

Dual political reading for the Walloon budget

The Walloon budget minister is pleased to see that Walloon finances will return to balance in 2019. However, the analysis is disputed by the socialist opposition.

Exercises are usually dangerous. Two months after the completion of the 2019 budget, the Minister Jean-luke crook (MR) was expected in the Walloon Parliament on Monday to present a plan to MPs that will focus on funding Wallonia in the next year. And it is not surprising that the budget minister was able to count on the opposition with illumination.

For PS, the Walloon budget is “fictitious” and “tips and tricks.”

The Socialist Party criticizes the government of MR-cdH for presenting budget "fictitious"made of"tips and tricks" who don't hold the road for "hang the trophy by announcing the SEC balance (European System of Accounts, Ed.), ”Analyzes Pierre-Yves Derman, leader of the Socialist Group in the Walloon Parliament. The analysis of the socialists is mainly aimed at 1.254 billion which is the gross balance to be funded by the Region next year so that (12.272 billion dollars) and expenses (14.172 billion dollars) in the balance, "Everyone wonders how to achieve a balanced budget, while expenses grow more than revenues,"Pierre-Yves Durmany wonders what he sees as"miracle"Wallon after explosion of SEC amendments, which allow to switch from balance to be financed to SEC balance." Behind this very technical financial language introduced by Europe, the SEC amendments hide such measures as budget cuts. The government also relied on a series of under-financing loans. ”These SEC amendments correspond to a comma close to the gross balance, which will be funded in early 2019 (-1.254 billion)", Surprised Pierre-Yves Derman, who does not hesitate to see"real sleight of hand", Said Minister Craik.

Well prepared for the thunderstorm, Jean-Luc Crook challenges this key socialist reading. "Our budget does not use any budget line.This was done with a seriousness that may not have been present in previous legislatures."The minister assured that the increase in debt is, moreover,were largely revised down“While the socialists are concerned that in 2 years (2.10 billion in 2018 and 1.26 billion in 2019) will increase by 2.36 billion (+ 11%)”.The potential reduction in debt growth is $ 130.4 million. United States between the beginning of 2017 and 2019. In other words, Walloon debt is growing, but is slower."

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