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C3-PO and Star Wars are probably all over!


Anthony Daniels, his translator, has just said goodbye to him. Most likely, finally.

His name does not fall into the crowd on the red carpets. His face is also unknown to the general public. But for all fans star WarsAnthony Daniels is a mythical actor. The only one who participated in the whole saga star Warsincluding Outcast-One and Solo: Star Wars Story (like So, this time). Everything did not appear under his own traits, as he slips under the golden armor of an obscene and multilingual C-3PO robot.

But all the beautiful adventures have an end. And it seems that its end is the last day of filming, this Monday, to complete the Genealogy, Episode IX without a title. The Twitter post seems to contain many clues about his retirement. "Today was the final of the C-3PO in episode IXHe wrote. He is sad. I, too. But we are so proud to have worked with such an actor and such a charming and talented team led by JJ. (Abrams) and katie (Kennedy) ! I will miss everyone, but I'm glad we did something exceptional together to share with the world, impatient. "

Since Disney decided to slow down the release and start a new saga later, in principle without the Skywalker family, this is a safe bet that, like Chewbacca or R2-D2, the C-3PO will be replaced by another droid when a new generation of Jedi rages.

At 72 years old (he will celebrate his 73rd birthday on February 21), Anthony Daniels has likely turned one of the most popular pages in film history. Provided that the production thinks to give him the deserved respect on December 18, when Episode IX will be released!


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