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ATLAS project aims to reduce mortality from HIV / AIDS (Director)

Dakar, France, January 30 (APS) – The ATLAS project (“Freely Know Your Status”), officially launched on Tuesday evening in Dakar, aims to reduce AIDS mortality in the Côte d'Ivoire. Ivory Coast, in Mali and Senegal, under the auspices of a consortium composed of the NGO Solthis and the IRD, Development Research Institute.

“The ATLAS project, which has free access to its status information, wants to be involved in reducing mortality, morbidity associated with the AIDS virus in three countries of the subregion, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Senegal, said its director Clemens Doumen Aydar.

In this regard, she will distribute the HIV test self-test, a diagnostic tool approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), she added on the sidelines of the project launch ceremony.

Self-testing is carried out, for example, from oral fluid or blood with a puncture of a finger in order to find out their status in private.

“This is a tool that meets the needs of the population,” namely, the category of people characterized by their own realities, their individuality, the issue of stigmatization, the desire to take care, said Clémence Doumenc Aïdara.

Interested people, even realizing that they belong to risk categories, “do not go to medical institutions,” she explained, adding that the self-test “allows you to maintain this confidentiality, especially for stigmatized people.”

“The project is innovative and meets the needs of these populations,” said the director of the ATLAS project, implemented by a consortium of NGOs, Solthis, and IRD (Institute for Research and Development).

It is carried out “in close collaboration” with the Ministries of Health of Senegal, Mali and Cote D'Ivoire, and receives support and funding from an international donor, Unitaid.


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