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Against cardiovascular diseases focus on fermented milk products.

The link between dairy products and cardiovascular diseases is improved. According to Finnish researchers, whose research was published British Journal of Nutritionmen who consume “fermented” versions of these products have a lower risk of developing coronary heart disease. And this is compared with those who do not eat at all or prefer ordinary dairy products.

Cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese or kefir are good examples of fermented dairy products. Various studies have already shown that they have a positive effect on blood lipid profiles and on the risk of cardiovascular diseases. But are they better for the heart than other dairy products? To find out, scientists from the University of Eastern Finland conducted a survey.

Reduced quarter risk!

To this end, they studied the eating habits of 2,000 of their compatriots aged 42 to 60 years from 1984 to 1989. During this observation, which lasted 20 years, 472 men had an episode of coronary heart disease.

Then participants were divided into different groups depending on the consumption of dairy products. The results, those who preferred the fermented versions, had a 26% risk of becoming a victim of cardiovascular disease.

If all the mechanisms leading to this result are not understood, the authors explain that " beneficial compounds should be formed during fermentation ". In their opinion, this reinforces the idea of ​​changing the pleasures of dairy products, and does not neglect yogurts or cheeses.

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