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5th increase, tax discounts: Daniel Bakklen has good news for your pensions

Good news was announced exclusively Wednesday morning on BEL RTL. Daniel Bucklen, federal minister for pensions, said the minimum pension would increase from March 1.

The federal minister in charge of pensions, Daniel Bakklen (MR), announced good news this morning on BEL RTL. First of all, there is a further increase in the minimum pension.

"I have just signed a royal decree that allows you to increase the minimum pension 5 times (will come into force on March 1)Let me remind you that the minimum pension has never increased as much as in accordance with this legislation. And IParliament voted to reduce or abolish the solidarity contribution, which affects 200,000 retirees"that will increase their income.

If we sum up, from the moment Michel government took office in October 2013, the minimum pension for a single employee who has had a full career will increase by 130,61 € per month. This independent worker is isolated from 193,01 €,

Other tax discounts

Besides,Yesterday, the finance committee voted to abolish the tax trap. It was ensured that any gross pension increase would result in a net increase in",

Another good news:The trap was also put down. For all those who decide to continue their activities after retirement, and they are becoming more and more, the pension is not charged, but there will be no tax penalty in the future. or"said the minister, recalling this"during this parliament we have kept the pension system for future generations".

The minister finally said that control had been strengthened to prevent abuse. "Since the introduction of the residence permit (lived for at least 5 years in Belgium, Ed) for 1200 people who requested grapa (Income guarantee for the elderly) it was not accepted".

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