Wednesday , January 27 2021

00h11 – Most Belgians do not know that diesel fuel in the pump contains palm oil

to BRUSSELS (Belgium)

The Belgians mainly oppose the use of palm oil in motor fuels, and yet 87% of them are unaware that diesel fuel sold at the pump contains this vegetable oil, according to a survey commissioned by Environmental NGOs. On Wednesday, they launched the #NotInMyTank international campaign (not in my tank) against the use of palm oil in fuel. The Belgians are not the only ones: the vast majority of Europeans (82%) are not aware that “They are pouring palm oil into their tank when they fill in diesel fuel, according to this Ipsos survey of 4,500 Europeans in nine countries. In response to a question about possible support for measures to end political support and subsidies for palm oil in biodiesel in Europe, 69% of respondents were in favor of this change, and only 14% were against it. 16% no opinion on this issue. The Belgians mostly oppose the use of palm oil in fuel: 66% oppose it, 14% do not resist, and 20% have no opinion. According to environmental NGOs, including the Federation of the Inter-Republican Wallonia Federation (IEW), the increased use of palm oil in motor fuels in Europe contributes to the deforestation and drying of peat bogs in Southeast Asia, “biodiesel made from palm oil affects climate three times than fossil diesel, which is already harmful: in 2017, 51% of palm oil used in Europe got into cars and trucks, making drivers the largest consumer (although the unconscious palm oil in Europe ”, says IEW. Faced with these findings, an international coalition of environmental NGOs is launching a campaign on Wednesday to push the European Commission towards the gradual elimination of palm oil on diesel. The civil petition was launched, and the #NotInMyTank campaign ended with a “European Day of Action” with several events in Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm and Brussels at the European Commission headquarters in Berlemont. (Belga)

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