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Zahid Hassan Nadia and Urmila, in one series

Table show business: Acting assistant director of television drama Zahid Hassan, Ahmed Rohan Rubel for 11 years and Hanif Khan for seven long years. Jahid Hassan’s inspiration is that for the first time they are jointly creating a series of plays. The name of the play "Don." Zahid Hassan, Nadya Ahmed and Urmila Sarabanti do the same in this drama for the first time. Jahid Hassan, as usual, plays a role in the play, Zahid Hassan Jahid Hassan works as an advisory director of the series. Nadia plays the role of Tannu and Urmila as Sadia. As for participation in the series, Zahid Hassan said: “Rubel and Hanif are my two very gentle brothers. They have been working with me for so long. I created the opportunity to do my job. Because I think that they create a chance to do their work once, they will do much better, stand up. I like it. She said that Nadia knew from that childhood and knew about it. She took part in a dance show with my wife Moya many times. Again, also played with me. We are a family. Very happy girl, good actress, no doubt. And Urmila made herself very mature in acting. Nadia said: "The drama star was in early childhood, which I knew about Zahid Bhai and his contemporaries." He is still working with Superstar Zahid Bhai, this is good luck. Urmila said: "Zahid gave me a lot of advice on working with my brother." Cooperate side by side, like a real keeper. I want to work with him in many other plays. "Dana" playwright Manas Pal, the current playwright. The performance is regularly broadcast on Tuesday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:00 on Tuesday.

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