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YouTube officially says goodbye to video annotations

Google recently announced – or rather quietly updated the YouTube help page a few years ago – that all existing annotations created before editing annotations were removed from the video early next year.

Back in May 2017, Google stopped editing annotations due to the fact that the creators contributed an unreasonable number of annotations to their videos. These color blocks made viewing look obstructed and, frankly, time consuming – the video looked disorganized, and the pop-up windows were distracting.

However, these annotations were a convenient way for video creators to advertise their other content or favorite products or anything else they would like to share with

To respond to these needs less intrusively, Google introduced maps and final screens in 2016, both of which are still in use. Maps are clearer pop-up windows that appear in the upper corner at specific points in the video. Clicking on it can open a menu of additional links, videos, polls, etc. Organized.

Alternatively, the end screens are a fairly intuitive interface: users can choose that a screen appears at the end of the video that can display basically everything they want to highlight – channels, products, and even more links.

Both of them also work on a mobile platform, unlike annotations, and generate seven times more clicks on the entire platform. On the other hand, the annotations were much more closed than they were auditioned, therefore, when everyone is removed from January 15 of the next year, it is unlikely that anyone will be heart-broken.

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