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Waiting for worship

Adoration of the heroine The child-artist of the heroine Love and support of the actress have already become a favorite actress. I would like to worship not a heroine, but an actor who lives in the audience. Puja’s first film, Nurjahan. The film was released in Bangladesh through the Safa agreement, which was released in Bangladesh. Many viewers were surprised by the pictures published on the poster at that time. This worship now becomes an actress. After “Badaamam 2”, now waiting for the release of its new film “Dahan”.
Pooja said: “Learning to play as a child. Want to know more. I will always study. I believe that if I receive the love and support of the audience, I can become their favorite actress. ”

All the qualities that should be a heroine are now in worship. After a long time in the film industry Dacca, the perfect heroine. Puja was released to release the movie "Born-2" with actor Eid TV Siam. Created by production company Jazz Multimedia, the film was a turning point. The film falls into the list of super-duper hits. The viewer's opinion is the successor to Shabnur. Now a new mission than worship. “In the new film, the same producer Bramhuman-2 played with the same production company and the same hero. Pooja firmly said that “Dahan” will surpass the film “Badamon-2”.
Pooja said: “This is a completely basic movie. This type of film has not seen people of Bangladesh for many days. So we can expect the audience to take a lot. ”
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