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They do live-then

Malaya Arara Khan is currently busy with several photos. However, he will be considered in a special role in these films. But more than ever, they talk more about relationships with actress Arjun Kapoor. It is also known that they will soon marry. But the latest news has already been published. And it will be the best thing to do in Malaika-Arjuna. There is evidence of this. Arjuna has been at Malaika's house for the past few days. Where do you leave two people at home from Mumbai? Even the photographs of Arjuna were also recently published in the house of Mallika. A close source of Malaika said that Malaika loved spending time with Arjun. And that is why they have been together for the past few days. And their love is now open to secrets. Very soon I will sit on her wedding fire. She wants to devote more time to each other in front of her. Meanwhile, the news of the surviving Malik and Arjuna, however, received no response from them.

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