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There is no such thing that the election commission demands fair elections, so that they become honest – Mahbub Talukder

Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukdar noted that the election commission cannot say that it would be fair to say that this is true.

At a briefing on the return and assistants on the return to the elections to the North and South Dacca City Corporation today (January 31), he made this comment.

During this time, he said: “I have always stressed that elections must be acceptable and credible. This acceptance and trust must be visible. If the Election Commission requires fair elections, there is no such thing that will be fair. There is a saying in the eyes of people. All our activities will be tested in humans. Therefore, all of you must be committed to fair and credible elections. ”

“In my speech, I want to emphasize a moderate word. I call the Dacca North City Corporation election moderate. The contest, which was supposed to be the post of mayor in these elections, warming and warming, which should have been until now, does not seem to have changed. It is expected that only the position of the adviser will have some warmth. It is expected that the cold wave of the upcoming elections will collapse in it, ”he added.

Makhbub Talukder also said: “During the last election to the Northern City Corporation, the candidate withdrew his candidacy, saying that he did not have equal opportunities in the elections. Although the main opposition may not have any candidates for this year’s election. However, the withdrawal of the candidacy due to election irregularities cannot be said. In this case, we must make the appropriate legal elections so that no one gets the opportunity to call into question the elections. "

Referring to his recent visit to India, he said: “I was in India a few days ago. Read an article written about managing elections in a newspaper there. This was mentioned two events. It should be noted that election officials who perform election duties uncompromisingly make the elections fair, in some cases they could not take a tough stance on violations by law enforcement agencies. Despite the contradictions that our neighboring India supported, the contribution of the Indian Electoral Commission is no less. ”

“I am trying to study some informational data of the eleventh national elections. You can share with you some of these events that may be useful to you. The responsibilities of our management of elections largely depend on two main forces. On the one hand, an electoral officer or an electoral officer and law enforcement agencies on the other. The documents that I have seen so far have been used in reports on all reports of the returning employee to the supervisor. The word "satisfactory" and the other – "normal." Does this mean that your choice is very satisfactory? In this case, we have to ask ourselves what public perception is. "

“In my report for the last two years in the Electoral Commission, we do not dare to write in some reports, especially in the reports of our own observers, in order to record any negative topic. Everyone wants to keep going in paper papers. I would be happy if someone contrasted my statement with informational data. I think that the real picture of the elections should emerge in all reports. ”

Noting that the Electoral Commission is a constitutional institution, the Commissioner for Elections said: “Respect and dignity of the constitutional institution will depend on its activities. Not only the Election Commission, but local officials of all officials and staff, including the secretariat of the Election Commission, are responsible for maintaining its dignity and dignity. We strive to respect the honor and purity of the organization through the behavior of all candidates. ”

He said that the upcoming election of a candidate for mayor of the Dacca City Corporation and two candidates for councilors of a city corporation are of particular importance. He said: “After the national elections, residents of the country, even development partners, look at these elections in Dhaka. To see which choice we give. During the elections, we are not inclined to any pressure, fear or temptation. Rabindranath said: "This is an offense, an offense and hatred that grass should carry." This is a revelation that the next elections in the Northern City Corporation should be presented to the capitalists beautifully and fairly.

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