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“There is no alternative”

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Popular music director and artist Habib Wahid From the very beginning of his career, he constantly played sound songs. Playback or audio – in both cases, a fairly successful Habib. Especially, he began a new trend in music, in which music directors of the current generation still compose songs. Meanwhile, after audio and playback, the adaptation of the current music video is fully adapted to the trends. In the past two years, Habib has consistently produced a lot of music videos, all of which he performed in the film. The musical star appeared in various videos with a surprise. And for this, he reduced the songs a little. How are you all? As the day Habib replied: “I am very good. Time passes through a tense time. There is a need to stay busy in different areas. What is the main problem today? Habib said that the winter season has begun, so the show is busy. Although I chose quite well. However, the pressure increased slightly. Moreover, time to practice is to give. Other work continued outside. Recently you and Nancy's new songs were published by Banglalink Vive. How do you answer? Habib Wahid said the song was published in just a few days in Banglalink Bay in a bank. The name of the song is “What a bit crazy”. Writes Asif Iqbal. I do music and music. In general, quite a romantic song. There is a lot of good answer. A few days ago a music video called “Razi” was released. What with her Habib said that this song is my favorite. Rakib Hassan composed his melody and music with the words of Rahul. Mehbob Hossein Ani worked as a model in the song. My conceptual video was created by Nishkok Tarek Aziz. I received a lot of response from this song. I think that the state of the song will be in the best condition over time. Created a video. What is the trend of this single and current time music video? Habib said, really takes time. So around the world. However, it is very important to maintain the quality of the music or the sound of the video. Again, it is often seen that video is given more attention than audio. This is very bad. I would like to hear the sound before. Then he can be a video accordingly. The biggest and easiest way to listen to YouTube songs. Therefore, people listen to music here. Now it can not be replaced. So, according to how good it is to sing for this platform. But I personally think that there is no alternative to quality. At the current time you see the performance in music videos. Your work is very well appreciated. What's the secret? Habib smiled, saying: there is no secret. I just tried to do a good job with this task. And when I composed the song myself, I had a story or a picture in front of me. I try to work only on this video. For me it is very important that the audience likes it.

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