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The unfortunate Mashrafe criticized: -779871 | Kaler kantho

Mashrafe ben Mortaza did not meet the needs of the team in the first three matches of the World Cup. That's why many people ask questions about the team of Captain Mashraf! Especially criticize Mashrafe through social networks.

Mashrafe was not upset at all. “I have seen many such things in life. Show me how many people are still stuck, playing like a stone, like me, ”Narael Express spoke about his mind in the past.

Mashrafe did his best after arriving in Bangladesh cricket with ambitious opportunities. Many stumble upon an injured career. But standing right at the waist is right. Replaced the national team after taking responsibility for the 2015 World Cup. The team made the series, giving free licenses to older citizens, the youth held them for a long time.

How did Mashrafe play bowling? Mashrafe received second place in the number of winners in Bangladesh in two world championships. 76 gates of his victims in 63 matches 87 gates of Mustafiz in 49 matches The average value of Mustafiz – 23.43, Meshrafe – 35.68. Economy Mustafiza 5.03, Mashrafe 5.19 Mashrafey’s contribution to the matches that Bangladesh won in this period.

This is just statistics. Along with a good bowling alley, he forgot his offerings in the field, now Ninduksara. That's why criticism. Is this criticism right? Criticizing the pace of the team, Courtney Bowling coach Courtney Walsh is disappointed.

“We all know Mashrafe Fighter. He has a small injury. As a captain, he always wants the team to lead from the front. All the time he wants to swing well. We use it carefully. He is so hungry to give the country something big. Thus, the criticism that takes place goes very fast. & # 39;

“I also believe that every supporter hopes to win. We lost everything in order. But I lost only two games. It's raining in the rain. When we win a few matches, we will see how deep our team is.

Walsh said Masha was resting for a few days. It will work for him. I hope he quickly returns to his old place.

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