Wednesday , January 20 2021

The Netherlands, behind a dramatic draw in France, left France

The Netherlands beat the Netherlands 2-0 in the group A match of the UEFA League on Monday evening. In the first match, the Dutch won 3-0 in the field.

France and the Netherlands scored 7 points from 4 matches. But, heading into the “Head to the Head,” Duhry fell into the title.

The tournament will be held in June next year with four four league title groups "A". Group 2 to Switzerland, 3rd group to Portugal and 4th group, England confirmed the last four.

Germany, which were knocked out of trophies, went on the 9th minute of the match in their area. Toni Werner received the ball after filling the ball with Nari Tony Cruz. This forward took the perfect shot of the right foot.

The world champions of 2018 sit in the driver's seat in the 19th minute. The purpose of this goal is the intersection of the folds. Lloyd shot a long ball from Real Madrid's midfielder and found the address on the opponent’s opponent’s right foot.

In the previous match, France lost 2-0 goals in the second half of the Netherlands, but could not be seen. On the other hand, Germany’s San Muller spends on it the opportunity to widen the gap.

The Dutch scored in the 85th minute, scoring a goal. The ball from De Ron fell in the net with a good kick, captured by wheelchairs. The Netherlands left the field with the joy of a rally in the 90th minute when Manuel Neuer stepped out into the Van der Wiely valley.

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