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The eldest son of Rituparnar arrives in Talley – Share Biz

Show Business: Another legendary Kaushik Gangopadhyay, who is going to make the narrator of the film Rishtuparno Gosh, is going to make a film.
The press conference was organized at the “festival house” in Bangabandhu in the name of “Jayapataputra”. It is reported that the shooting starts from Bolpur on December 5th.
Kaushik Gangopadhai, Prosenit Chatterjee, Surinder Singh, Nispal Singh Rain, Indrnil Ghosh were present. A few days ago, the map was published on social networks on the pages of Surinder Films and Anadias. Wherever it is written: "The eldest son" There are signatures of the Rituparno Gosha, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Kaushik Gangopadhaya. Since then, the beginning of the discussion.
Kaushik said that when he was doing “another love story,” he went to the house of Indrani Park in Rituparn every day. At that time, Kaushik spoke about Rituparno. Then an “autograph” was created. That's why he didn't want to do that. Later, when Rishta Purna's father was away, Kaushik saw him in close proximity. He said: "The story of the rituals of Rita Yes." Later I said vampad. Bhambadak thought of the times. As a result, they all knew. I went to Chinku da (Indrnil Ghosh) and said that I want to do it. Chink gave me a hand and told me to do it myself. And I am not ashamed to say today that he did not take a penny for his fees.
Chatenpadhai prostozhenet, on the screen "eldest son" He just threw one character, Ritupna himself. Hrithik Chakraborty will be seen in the role of the younger son of this film.
Nishpal Singh, being pleased with the making of the films, is happy. He said: "Being proud to be able to do this project, we are proud to be associated with it." Shooting from this film will begin in Bolpur on December 5th. But right now Prangit and Hrithik did not reveal the name of another actress-actress in the picture. After Rituparna is released, he will be involved in this first photo. Rituparno Ghosh is a name associated with Bengali emotions.
Kaushik said: “We are the administrators of this time and the passion of the Bengalis. The basic idea is rituals. Yes, I read some of his notes. But the story, the script and the dialogue are all about me. Otherwise it would not be my picture. I will try to take a picture that will be well seen this season. And the next day the next Bayshah will be the name of “Hrodinga”, “Poster”, “Titulale Season” – this is the happiest. ”

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