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The contradiction from the post on Facebook, then something like that!

Tanya Perera, Malinga and Tesira Perera. Image file

This was a Facebook post from the start. Tanya Perrera, the wife of wagon Tesira Perera and the current captain of the LRIT Lasit Malinga, began a quarrel with him. He has now spread to the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC)

The release of Facebook sometimes becomes a means of quarrels. And again Teresa Perera and his wife Lacita Malinga understood the truth. Two of the Bahus in social networks finally reached the blackboard. Universal Tessa Perera wrote a letter to the current one-day captain of Sri Lanka, Malinga’s wife Tane Perera, forcing the entire national team to laugh at the nation. Perera, commenting on such conditions, is not suitable for the team before the next World Cup.

The problems started early this month. Tanya wrote a post on Facebook, which said that Perera had met with a new athlete to make the team work. Perra answered with a great answer to the answer. Perera wrote a letter to Executive Director Ashley de Silva, in which she was asked to take another post in a couple of weeks.

Perera wrote in this letter: “When the wife of the current captain wrote such a complaint through social networks, it is difficult for the masses to think of them as real and not allowing them to spread the offense on my behalf. After this post on Facebook in the dressing room created an uncomfortable situation. In fact, when two senior players of a team have no cordiality, they are rather inconvenient for the team's youth. If the intervention of the whole team is difficult to play. The leadership role is to create a stable and unity in the team before creating a new plan. I have to say that there is nothing of that now.

According to Pereira, “just five months after the end of the World Cup, the Sri Lanka incident will be more and more.” We must fully concentrate, not quarrel over meaningless problems in society. The team now has a very strong leadership, leadership and common environment. This topic should be reviewed before the World Cup. Team leaders and senior players should have an example for this. Due to the personal anger of a person, we cannot make the national team laugh. There is no way to highlight the problem, especially now. I politely ask SLC to intervene so that they take the initiative to overcome the differences between us and help the team gain new confidence and solidarity. ”

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