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Ten corners

Popular musician Dilshad Nahar is currently busy with a stage show. She performs in different places of the country. Despite the show throughout the year, his employment increased during the winter season. This was no more. He is going to show a shot. However, along with the show, giving time to a new song gives time. In the same sequence, the artist presents at least a dozen songs, including film and audio. At the beginning of the new year, he finished work on these songs. Kana said, along with the show, as well as the recording time. In fact, the new song on the microphone is very different for me. Every time I speak a voice, I stand in front of the first microphone. I made some new songs. A dozen will be near. In the meantime, we have voiced several films. At the same time, Kana recorded a dozen songs in addition to audio and film, as well as teasing and advertising in advertising. He recently sang a double song with Imran in a new song. This song will be released very soon as a video. With the exception of the melody of Ehtesham and Rezvan Sheikh voiced two new songs in music and music. The artist also said that he sang four or five new songs in audio. And gave new voices to some new films. Before several films, he is going to give a voice, he is going to give his voice. Kana said, I never thought about the number of numbers. Only if he liked the song, he would have voiced the song. From the beginning to the beginning of the year many good songs were written. These songs will be released constantly in the near future. I hope for them. I believe that the audience will like it too.

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