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Team "Boney" will shoot in Calcutta and Italy

Team "Boney" will shoot in Calcutta and Italy

Internet Desk. Bengali couple. I live in Milan. Happy family with newborn son. But the couple noticed some changes in the boy. They think the son has a special power.

Starting from this point, “Boni” director Parambrhat Chattopadhyay Parambrath will begin shooting the film from June 17, based on the novel Shtekend Mukhopadhyay.

Suddenly this text headline Sahidadababura chose why? Parvabrata said: “We are facing a lot of crises in the world. Thinking about the biggest crisis, people and people are not. It looks different. Ever seen in politics. I see people trying to tell an international film that people and people will be there. This is just a humanitarian crisis. I think that there are such things in Bengali. We are only stuck in family problems. This is good. But in 1990, the title of this book was preceded by Chesendubabu. Presentations as a sci-fi thriller can also be called a crisis. There will be science fiction again. "

Coel Mallick plays the main role in this film. Parambrata said he played in three films with Coyle. The desire of the heroine to manage for many days In addition, Anzhan Datt, Kanchan Mallik and some other foreign actors will be rich in acting skills. In this story, an important role is played by a Bengali scholar, born in America, and a Bengali servant. Shooting will begin from June 17. Team "Boni" will shoot in Calcutta and Italy.

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