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Tarek explained to the members of the standing commission parliament

 BNP leaders talked about organizational issues, including organizing programs for joining parliament and demanding the release of the party’s chairman after five months. But due to the absence of negotiations, the decision to postpone the meeting on Saturday (June 22) was made again. The meeting began on Saturday (June 15) in the political office of the chairman of the Gulshan BNP from 17:30 to 20:00 and until 20:30. It was later postponed if senior party leaders met with party attorneys.

Tarek Rahman, who is in London, took part in a Skype meeting. From sources it became known that during this time he explained the question of allowing BNP to go to parliament.

Responding to a question about the meeting, BNP Standing Committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said: “We discussed the release, the parliament, the organizational status of the party, and the organizational situation Madame Khaled Ziya. But the negotiations are not over, they will be discussed again.

The leader of the Standing Committee, who attended the meeting, said that at the beginning Tariq Rahman explained why the BNP deputies were allowed to swear on the same decision. According to him, for reasons related to the tribute, they were allowed to enter parliament. In addition, we decided to go to parliament in order to realize the minimum opportunities available to parliament. Now the deputies will talk about various issues with such an advantage. There was a doubt that the group did not give permission, but some did not believe it. The evidence, sworn in by the decision of the party, was sworn in by Zahidur Rahman. Members of the standing committee were pleased with his explanation.

At the meeting it became known that the issue of the absence of Khaleda Zia of any program requiring her release was also discussed. Then Tarek Rahman and the leaders of the Standing Committee decided to give the program. However, the nature of the program and when it will be provided are not defined. This will be completed at the next meeting. There are also discussions on organizational issues of the party. District and committee bodies were disbanded, and it was decided that the new committee would be demolished.

Two members of the Standing Committee stated that the meeting of the Standing Committee member Mirza Abbas raised the issue of the ongoing crisis in the formation of the committee. Others said that the former president and the secretary general of the organization are working to solve the Chhatra Dal problem. If we can't solve it, we will sit down. Tariq Rahman said nothing about this.

Responsible BNP sources say that Tariq Rahman will join the meeting with members of the Standing Committee on the 31st day after the eleventh parliamentary elections. Later, while the members of the Standing Committee discussed their views, they did not receive a formal form.

The meeting was attended by BNP General Secretary Mirza Fahrul Islam Alamgir and a member of the standing committee. Handaker Mosharraf Hossain, attorney Mudud Ahmed, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy,
Mirza Abbas, Dr. Abdul Moin Khan and Amir Hasra Mahmoud Chowdhury.

Later, top party leaders met with party attorneys from 8 am to 8:30 pm.

BNP deputy chairman, attorney Zaynul Abedin, said: “The case of Khaleda Zia is being discussed. How things can be managed, how they can be set free, there are a few cases mentioned. There are discussions about how to perform the duties of lawyers. He also said, we said that we will try from everywhere.

The meeting was attended by BNP Vice-Chairman Handacker Mahboob Hossein, Advisor to the BNP Chairman and former Attorney General A.J. Mohammad Ali, lawyer Abdur Rezak Khan, legal secretary, barrister Kaiser Kamal, lawyer Masood Ahmed Talukdar, and barrister Mir Helal.

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