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Sri Lanka has seen the largest course in Australia

Australian champion Aaron Finch and Mitchell Stark defeated their hosts for a big victory over Sri Lanka. But at one stage of the match, the Asian team threatened the Australian team. Once it seemed that the victory of Sri Lanka was a matter of time. But they could not collect bowls controlled by bowlers, after all. The team must take the highest of 87 runs.

Two newcomers Dimut Karunaratne and Kushal Perera were very aggressively beaten from the very beginning. Opening pair added 115 runs. After Perera’s return, the captain’s resistance against Lahiru Tirimann and Kusala Mendis. Their score was 186 runs in two wickets. But then why “Nervous” lost Richardson's attention at KenyartNet in the nineties, in Karunaratna? And finally, the last Sri Lanka After that, no one else can take responsibility.

In fact, the Mitchell Stark team, which was in great shape, He took four wickets alone. Richardson also did not come down. He also took 3 wickets. Two victims of Pat Cummins On the other hand, two newcomers to Sri Lanka marked the beginning of the team’s victory. Both of them got personal hawks. The team received nearly hundreds of runs in Kurnaratnath. But in the midst of the Australian field Easter Pasha has changed

Karunaratne won back the 97 highest for the team. He scored 9 hits, 108 goals with nine fours. Kusal Perera played 36 goals 52 runs. Mendis' 30 runs are bat-driven. As a result, the team curled up for 247 runs of 45.5 overs.

Earlier, Finch returned to David Warner for the start of Australian innings. Warner played at one end, and he played. Captain Finch took responsibility to keep up on the other end. 80 runs in his starting pair. After that, Sri Lanka tried to return to the match with two quick wickets. But Finch made another great partnership with Smith at the third gate. Two batsmen added 173 runs to the scoreboard.

The pair will break a pair of Ishu Bardan. Smith, however, did not exist long enough. Maxwell, however, did a great job on the one hand. Finally, after 334 runs in a team, he left the field.

Finch played 153 runs in 132 balls with Finch. He scored races in 15 fours and 5 sixes. With the help of seven fours in 53 balls, he scored fifty. The next fifty took the ball to play 44 balls. The captain who hit 1 four and 4 six during this time, the Third Quarter comes only 31. As the third captain of Australia, he made a century at the World Cup. Earlier in the World Cup as captain, two captain-winners of the World Cup are Steve Vo and Ricky Ponting. Among them, Patting scored 4 centuries.

Australia won the record for the highest result at the World Championships in Centurion Finch. Against them, the victory of India in the World Championships in the World Championships in the century Shekhar Dhawan was the highest rating. The number of Asians in the World Cup is now 28. Seven innings out of the last 10 matches are fifty. His last 10 innings – 116, 153 *, 90, 39, 53, 66, 6, 36, 82, 153 Of which 6 games were played against Pakistan. And in these six games he scored 533!

Smith scored 73 runs in 59 balls. He scored runs in 7 fours and 1 chakkaya. Maxwell made 46 of 25 balls with five fours and one six. In addition, Warner's 26 runs are from a bat. Dhananjay De Silva and Ishuru Udana took 2 wickets for Sri Lanka.

Short rating:

Australia: Malinga 1/61, Pradip 0/88, Udana 2/57, Virender Sehwag, VVS Laxman, Virender Sehwag, Virender Sehwag, VVS Laxman, Thesaurus 0/67, Dhananjaya 2/40, Siriveda 0/17).

Sri Lanka: 45.5 Overs 247 (Karunaratne 97, Kusal Perera 52, Tirimann 16, Mendis 30, Matthew 9, Sarbardna 3, Tesara 7, De Silva 16 *, Udana 8, Malinga 1, Prudh Starck 4/55, Cummins 2/38, Berenndorf 1 / 59, Richardson 3/47, Maxwell 0/46).

Results: Australia won 87 runs.

Match Man: Aaron Finch (Australia)

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