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Sarfaraz really repent?

Sarfaraz after returning to Pakistan. Photo: AFP

Sarfaraj could not forgive even after racist and rude comments. Four matches were banned in the country. Shoaib Akhtar, a former fast bowler from Pakistan, believes that Sarfaraz was able to leave easily

Sarfaraz Ahmed was not the last survivor. Andy Fuelenko from South Africa was punished for racist and rude remarks about him. The ICC has banned four captains for this. But Sarfraz’s ban on four games seems to be not enough. Shoaib Akhtar According to Rawalpindi Express, Sarfaraz can easily leave.

In a video post on Twitter, a former Pakistani bowler said: “He cannot be accepted as a Pakistani. I think he did this work in the excitement of that time. I think he should apologize to everyone.

However, Shoaib Akhtar’s comment is a private attack, Sarfaraz says: “He (Shoaib Akhtar) attacks me personally, he cannot be called criticism. I admitted my mistake and accepted the punishment. I want to thank the PCB because they dealt with this issue properly. I will work to improve myself and improve my own results in the future. I want to thank my supporters for staying with me. ”

The Pakistani Cricket Board brought Sarfraz back home after receiving a ban in four matches. But there is no place to remember the greatest loss of Sarfaraj. At least in his reaction it may look like this. Sarfaraz himself said: “I do not see any problem in this. I've been playing cricket for the past five months. Let's rest a bit and then play in the Pakistan Super League. ”

Sarfaraz wants to apologize on Twitter after Fuelenko comments in the second match of the ODI series. Then the captain of South Africa said that they had pardoned Sarfaraz in order to forgive him. Sarfaraj also met with Folenacoco and apologized. There were some signs of his remorse. Of course, the comment that Sarfaraz made after the punishment really repented, the question remains!

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