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Ranjit's death sentence for the murder of Ratisa: – 731768 | Kaler kantho

Snigdha with husband Ratish -File images

The court ordered the execution of his wife Snigdy Sarkar under the pseudonym Deepa in the case of the murder of Rashish Chandra Bhumik, nicknamed Babuson, public prosecutor of the special judge of the court of the widely discussed court Rangpur. ABM judge Nizamul Hake of the senior district and court hearings of the Rangpur court announced the verdict on Tuesday at noon.

Earlier, the Sengigdy government, the only survivor accused in this case, was sent to prison out of strict security at 9:30 am. After the pronouncement of the sentence, he was again sent to prison. The verdict of the court of Abdul Malek confirmed the verdict of Kaler Kanto.

The PP reported that on September 13 last year, the additional chief judicial magistrate, Arif Yasmin, filed a lawsuit against the defendant in connection with the murder of attorney Ratis, his wife Sengirda and his boyfriend Kamrul Islam.

Subinspector (SI) Al-Amin, investigator of the case, provided an indictment sheet. The case was later transferred to the district and court courts. On October 21 of the same year, the judge began the trial with the indictment, and the judge began the trial. After the testimony of 37 witnesses in the case, the judge appointed the date of sentencing to both parties after the arguments of both parties on 21 January. Judge

Rothish wife Snigdha – the only survivor of the indictment. Kamrul Islam, a friend of another defendant, was taken to Rangpur Medical College Hospital when he tried to commit suicide in prison on November 10th last year. Kamrul died immediately after going there.

According to the details of the case, the love relationship with the government of Sengdy, assistant teacher of the Tajhat High School in the city, established love relationships with the same school assistant Kamrul Islam. In fact, Saingda and Kamrul plan to kill him with the purpose of embezzling money and property of family life, family unrest and the lawyer Rothish Chandra Bhaumik. Last night, March 29 of last year, at about 10 am Ratis was consumed with breast milk mixed with rice and milk, and his wife ate it. Two hours before the incident, Camrul was standing near his bedroom. When Rothish fainted, Camrul entered the room, grabbed a scarf around him and killed him. Later his body was kept in the Taj Mahal in Muzaffarpur under the house of Brother Kamrul. At midnight on April 3, R.AB was arrested for interrogating Sinnie. He confessed to the murder of Ratis. According to him, the melted body of Ratish was found that night. Later, in a confession to the court, Sengda and Kamrul claimed responsibility for the murder.

In this case, the younger brother of the journalist Rothish Sushant Bowmeek filed a lawsuit for murder at the Rangpur-Kotvali police station. In addition to Saingadda and Kamrulu, the assistant to Rothish Milon Mohant, Sabuj Islam from the Mollapara region and Rokonutstsaman were arrested in this case. Milon Mohant died on April 13 at the hospital ward at Rangpur Medical College. The investigator of the case sued two indictments after the murder of two students Rokon and Hussein and recommended to release them, since Milon Mohant was killed.

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