Thursday , January 21 2021

Press conference of the wife, demanding the abolition of the nomination of her husband

The trial of Mustafa al-Mahmoud, hoping for a nomination from Jamalpur-2, for his non-violent persecution of his wife and the failure of children, demanded from his family that his family On Tuesday Bangladesh Multi-Purpose Cooperative Limited Liability Company filed a complaint at a press conference in The wife and child of Mostaf al-Mahmud complained.

They said that the man does not care for the children of his wife, as he will be the servant of the people. Therefore, his wife Nuihatun Our demanded to cancel his candidacy. Among them was their eldest daughter, an A-level student of Mobas Mahmoud Bushra and a student student of Omar Faruk.

In a written speech, said Nujatun, he was married to Mostafa on August 6, 1999. After that, the girl was born in her home. Since then, domestic violence began. In 2003, Nusahat became the mother of a child. After 6 months, Mustafa suddenly went to China. Later, the mother-in-law from the family's father-in-law drove him out of the house with two children. By force, he began to live in Tangeuil and took a meager home.

In 2004, she was going to marry her husband in China. After hearing the news, selling their jewelry, the children went to China and began to live with their husbands. There, protesters against the various evils of her husband fell into non-violent torture. At one stage, his wife's wife left the country, without leaving China, Mustafa. Then there were children in China, but they did not find any information about Mustafa. They live in the financial support of some of the people of Bangladesh.

At some point, Mostafa took her to Malaysia and took Mustafa to Malaysia. The main task of Mustafa was to torture him, he was physically tortured. Mostafa was seriously injured in the hospital in order to be hospitalized at the hospital in Nujatun Nasea. Again, they returned to Malaysia to find him after returning home. Nuahat came to Bangladesh with forced children.

She complained that Mustafa is currently engaged in illegal activities with her cousin. She lives in a helpless state with two children. Their eldest daughter, Bushra, said that there is no such desire of the father. We want justice against them. Omar Faroke said that the father did not accept the physical and human rights of his mother.

When asked about this, Mostafa Al-Mahmoud told reporters on his mobile phone: “All the charges against him are false. In principle, he does not want his wife to choose him. This false statement is made to prevent her being elected.

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