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Only Farhad Reza was allowed

There will be no Bangladeshi players besides Farhad Reza on the T-Ten cricket tournament in the UAE as part of the Bangla Tigers team. The Bangladesh Cricket Council (BCB) handed over the NOC only to Farhad Reze to participate in this tournament. Tamim Mushfik cannot play due to the game of the national team. And Shakib Al Hassan is banned. In addition to Farhad Reza, the franchise initially recruited three Bangladeshi cricketers. However, the Bangladesh Cricket Council (BCB) did not issue any nomination documents other than Farhad Reza.
The third edition of the T-Ten tournament will be shown on November 7 in Abu Dhabi. At the same time, a national league game will be held in the country. BCB did not give any of the seven cricketers a chance to play in the national league. These are Enamul Hak Vijay, Mehdi Hassan, Junaid Siddiki, Arafat Sani, Abu Hyder Roni and Yasser Ali Rabbi. The Bangla Tigers franchise has appointed Aftab Ahmed, a former Bangladesh coach, and now Chittagong assistant coach, in the National League. And another former Bangladeshi cricketer, Nafis Iqbal, is the team manager. This is the first franchise owned by Bangladeshis to take part in the T-Ten Emirates League. Tamim Iqbal, exhibiting Pakhtuns in the first edition of the match. The service comes from the bat of Tamim, a stormy fifty.
Bengal Tiger Squad
Teresa Pereira (badge), Colin Ingram, Andre Fletcher, Riley Russo, Liam Plunkett, Kayes Ahmed, Robbie Freelink, David Visa, Hassan Khan, Farhad Reza, Sehan Jaisuria, Chirag Suri, Abdul Hashem.

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