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On my birthday, Mim said, I was 5 years old

Happy birthday
How old are you
I am 5 years old. However, the age of girls should not be asked. This is to keep it a secret. I do not say heroine. No, ask the girl's age, haha ​​…

Conversation with Lux Channel I Superstar Vidya Sinha Mim. His birthday is Sunday, November 5th. Mime sucks birthday wishes from Saturday midnight. He sends gifts to his friends in the morning. Sending greetings by phone and digging. Mom said to Channel Eye Online: “I left home in the morning right to Channel Eye. No shooting today. However, there will be several guests on television. My other family started from Channel One.



When asked if there are any other plans for his birthday this time, Mime answers: it is raining outside. Not gonna go anywhere a day. However, on this cloudy day, I like to eat sour ones. Frying kichuri fish is what I want. I myself can’t cook so much. However, my mother does not have a culinary pair in her hand.

Mime added: I get more and more gifts throughout the year. However, birthday presents are special to me. That day, if someone gives me chocolate, I will accept it completely. But on other days of the year I also have to give gifts to others at the festival. It looks like the gift I'll give him will be good again! But instead of giving a gift, it’s better to get it.

The last Mime starring & # 39; Sapaludu & # 39; was released. He said he would start working on Paran again this week without spending his birthday. He said: there was no makeup for the film. The character's name is Ananya. In addition to makeup, there is no need to remove. He said: “After a few days of this film, he will begin to work on Itefak opposite Siam from November 25th.

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