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New picture "Piajon Needs"

Table show business: In the light of dhalidea, in the light of the picture in the picture of the color of the eyes. Raj Multimedia Producer Priogan
It will be necessary to act as a film on behalf of the film. He announced the title of the film on the anniversary of the birth of the popular host and director Debashish Biswas. In addition, Nazrul Raj will also play more.
In this context, Debashish Biswas said that there will be two pairs in the new film. We announce the name of the pair. Do not announce the name of another couple right now. But I can say that in this case there will be surprises.
He said write the script for the Priyazon Negi. Popular screenwriter N. K. Salil in Calcutta Find it in comedy genre films. Top Bengal singers sing in
Sing. Also think of a famous actor from Calcutta.
Several plays, television films were created before the banner of the company Raj Multimedia. The company produces the first film through this film.
Ankhi Ankh is currently being filmed in the movie & # 39; Ragi & # 39; In addition, the film called "Dag" is waiting for release on February 8. The film is directed by Tarek Sikder in the lead role with Bachi Chowdhury starring against Bappi Chowdhury. Meanwhile, Nazrul Raj has appeared in several films.
On the other hand, producer Debashish Biswas is filmed in the movie "In-Inces Zindabad-2". Bappi Chowdhury speaks to film actor Apu Biswas. Now there is a song shooting of the film.
It is worth noting that the popular actress in Manali Bangladesh. In 2011, the film became the heroine with the film "wrong." When the artist came to the discussion through the film "Bailey Road" when he was in crisis. Until now, Shakib Khan, Emon, Arifin Shuvo, Bappi Chowdhury and Shahriyad worked together in a number of popular films.

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