Monday , January 18 2021

New guest in the family of the singer Mumtaz

A new guest came to the family of the singer Mumtaz. So this is a happy stream. Momtaz himself told happy news. The musician today (Monday) told in social networks on Facebook that his grandmother was informed about his grandmother.

On Monday, Mumtaz wrote on Facebook: “One part of the world in my house is in the light of the moon. My new name is Dida. Everyone will pray. ”

On the other hand, his son Mehdi Khan wrote: “I am the father of a great girl. Everyone will pray for him. ”

Professor Col. (retd) Khaled Khanam headed Chaiti Dewan, wife of Mehdi Khan, at the Universal Medical College Hospital in Mohahali at noon. It is known that now mother and daughter are healthy.

It should be noted that on May 14, 2016, Mehedi Khan was married to Chaiti Devan, the daughter of Mumtaz, the younger son of the drunken poet Razak Devan, Suyon Devan. The father of the first child is the father.

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