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Mushfiqqa in the debate without the Mossadake

Mushfikur Rahim's team was under pressure after losing in three matches. It is normal to put pressure on strong Dhaka in front of its viewers in the fight against the top four. In this great match, the pressure of the strong pressure was put on by the Viking team field player Mosaddek Hossein. The enraged vigil captain, who lost his temper with rage, threw him from the field. Because of the incident that occurred during the six battles of Dhaka, it was created after controversy and criticism.

You need 29 runs on 16 balls, Dhaka needed to win 175 runs. Spinner Naim Hassan received a long booty in the third of the house Shuvagat Dynamite. But the easy prey was that Mossadek missed the prey. Captain Mushfikura was caught in the middle of the foot with a toe of the ball; Mode asked him to leave the field. Sadman Islam, who replaced Mossadek, left the field with a sad look at the direction of the captain.

But according to the law of cricket, a field player cannot leave the field without getting out of control, not getting sick or not having received permission. Therefore, coach Simon Helmut went to the border and asked Mozadedec why he left the field. Some of the viewers criticized this. The management team of the Chittagong Viking team and the main selector Minhajul Abedin Nannu, explaining the dispute over the incident, said: “The reason for leaving the field of Mushfik is not only to tell Mushfishish, but also to get a younger finger.”

But the team Mushika was pleased with the victory in 11 races. This victory also confirms the playoffs.

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