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Mitali's letter to the BCCI is offended

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India lost the semifinal defeat of the T20 World Cup in England In the high-voltage match XI against England, star player Mitali Rajer was not in place. There are many discussions and critics on match day. On Tuesday, Mitali Raj met with the head of the Cricket Control Council in India (BCCI), executive director Rahul Yohri and GM Saba Karim cricket operations. In addition, Mitali gave a letter to the Board. In this letter, the captain of the Indian ODI team wrote that for the first time in two decades I was disappointed and disappointed for the first time. I was forced to think that the country was really interested in playing for the country for so long for the country. Because some of us are trying to destroy me. Attempt to break my self-confidence. Two days ago, Captain T20 Harmanprit was also named Anshita Gupta, Mitali Raji’s manager, a liar, a cheat, an inexperienced and incompetent captain. However, Mithali Raj said that he does not have anger against the captain of the T-20 Harmanprite. But when the coach said that they had dropped me, he agreed with that. It hurts me. My goal was to win the World Cup. Now I missed this opportunity because I have a lot of problems. Mithali's biggest accusation is the coach of the Indian women's team Ramesh Power. In the letter he wrote that whenever I got used to beating in the networks, he switched to the other side. If I wanted to talk to him, I would look at the phone. So I said. This is clear to all those who insult me. I kept my head cool. But after deciding to leave me outside the team, the coach’s behavior gets worse. Even before the match with Australia, coach Ramesh Powers called me in his room and said: “Even after the match I didn’t go to the field. Because there will be media. So after the match I didn’t come out of the locker room.

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