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Mayben got married?

Mehzhabin, photo: Kabir Hosnan

The hype around popular television on television Mekheyben Chowdhury! "But this marriage hides or does it – he did not reveal the roosters. But Makhzabin opened. Not only the secret of marriage, but also much more.

“The stars will marry, hiding. What do you believe in this idea? Mzabin smiled at the question. “Nah. Marriage is a big step to cross life. It is organized by organizing all people, only with the blessing of all. "

A few days ago in Facebook, family, relatives and the hype surrounding it, his picture was depicted on the image of Mehzhabin. Everyone is sitting in the myth of the milad! Photo Mehdi in handcuffs on Instagram. Came a photo of his wife Meheziben. What's the secret? We do not go straight to these issues. May be confused. You can also get angry. So, very carefully sit with Mahazibi.

Last Sunday, we talked about a film house in Uttara. Great anxiety was at Medzhabina. In the dressing room with Afran Nisso in the lead role negotiations were held with the next scene. Hususutivara communication beginners We saw how it intersected. Deputy Director on the stockpile of mercury exchange. The following scenes are scenes. This day is the last day of filming the drama. It's nine in the morning. There are few views left. So this is a mystery. Mekhzabin and Nisso went to the scene. The end of the next scene will be the only thing to finish. But in the dark fog was good news, such as the moon, and the next scene was only Afran Nissor.

Folk lips, folk words

Mathemeti Hasin Mehzhabin came to the context of marriage. It is difficult to understand the secret of laughter. “I don’t know why everyone is asking me this question. I constantly receive greetings from everyone. I know, I am very surprised and confused by this incident. “Stop talking one on one. Now tell me directly, the rumor about your marriage is heard. What is the real secret? Muzzane Clever – proven many times. Once again, answer this question. Said: "Your question was answered the same way. It just cries. I said it, I do not understand myself. Some newspapers printed news.

He does not stop talking. Mehzabin got the word today. “When a marriage happens, then everyone will know. Once the event is small, I will not do it in secret. At least, the closest people and journalists will be able to tell. Even if I do not invite, I will marry, I will marry, but now I can not invite. After the big event I will celebrate with everyone. But why Lukav?

Does he mean you didn't marry?

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But what is love?

"Then we are sure that you did not marry." Said, "Are there any doubts?" Can anyone of my wedding photos, any event, anyone say? Even if it is fast, some people should know. Is not it? Is it possible to hide at this time?
But what is the love of Mekhzhabin? Without spending a sentence, he said: “No, I'm just one.” But there is a noise of love with the producer. What is this lie? Now he is on the run. Said, "No, there must be some kind of buzz about something. In due time, everyone will know everything. ” But be that as it may, says Medzhiben, the marriage wants to please the parents. For fans of well-wishers, this is what the popular actress constantly talks about. Before turning to another topic, he said: “If you want to introduce someone to an audience, then you will introduce him as a husband.” I think it will be his highest honor. At the same time, when he introduces me to someone, let him know as a wife. This will be the best result of our relationship.

Picture mystery

This time, Mekhzabin revealed the secret of several paintings. Photos that buzz, discussions, criticism and congratulations. First, take a picture of Mehdi Rangi's hand. It is well managed by Mizanur Arian. You are also a picture of drama. But only by transferring the film Hatvara Mehdi to Instagram, the secret is not connected. I want to know also about the photos of the couple. “Such a horror plays in the drama. This is one of them. ” But social networks were spotted on Facebook a few days ago, around which someone is buzzing, some approach it, and you get munazhat. It seems to be a good job.

Mzyabin laughs this time. “And everyone thought I was getting married?” This photo is the birthday of my elder brother’s daughter Mehvina. Milad was given at home on her first birthday. So very close people were invited. At that time someone uploaded the picture and uploaded the fun. If you don't know the background, then people think a lot, I understand that.

He does not pay much attention to many things. Because this girl who is drowning should love all the work. In most plays she is a mistress or a newlywed wife. Who knows if preparations for the future will now?

It is important that husband Mehjabi five times

● Be creative with your mind.

● There will be many charming ones.

● Be honest.

● I must understand

● I like men's exclusivity. He must have it anyway.

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