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Mahmudullah walks on the pit before the match in India !: – 783906 | Kaler kantho

Mahmudullah Riyadh, one of the key middle level players, played a decisive opportunity against Afghanistan. But he was seen batting in a coffin batting. The dangers were estimated from this cripple. An important important match against India before the injury of Mahmudulla was injured. An experienced cricketer may need to stay a week from 10 to 10 days in case of injury to the calf muscle of the right leg. The best cricketer in the country will now walk with a crutch.

Mahmudullah began the march shortly after he set off for the gate against Afghanistan on Monday. Come to Fiji and take first aid. Then tilt the ribbon on the right foot, seeing it. Fiji will have to return to the field again, after some time began to cough again. The situation has not improved. Mahmudullah also did not leave the gate. Mushfik Rahim took part in the excavation and participated in the match. They ran two, even three runs. An important partnership is built. Later he was not seen on the field. Mahmudullah was scanned after the match.

Khaled Mahmoud, manager of Mahmudullah’s team, said that his first level was detected during the scan. There is no way to say anything else. Talking with BJ Fiji can be known in details tomorrow. But Dalyasutra says he can play against the trust of Mahmudulla, India. Although he does not fit, he agreed to play against India. The exciting India-Bangladesh match will be held July 2 in Birmingham. Time has a week.

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