Sunday , January 17 2021

Kumar Bisseveit "can not say" now on YouTube

Show Business: A new song-video of the legendary musician Kumar Biswajit “Can not Tell” was released on YouTube. On Sunday evening, the song was presented to everyone on the Bengal Redol YouTube channel. This song is now headed by RobiCrine Top 20. The song was released specifically on the platform a few days ago.
For music, artists, musicians, musicians, music directors, as well as important participants – producers and models of music videos. On November 18 in the evening, on the occasion of the release of Youtube, the songs and artists associated with this song began to live. "I can not say" to live with interested people, said that the story behind the song Kumar Bis is said to say. The musical composer, musician and music director of the song, young Munshi, creator of Saikat Nasir, model Mime Manatas, Farhan Khan Rio and managing director of Bangla Dhol, Enamul Haque attended along with live artists from the Facebook page of the RobiScreen App, BanglaDhol and Robisrine.
Kumar Bissewit told the audience at LiveLive Studios: “I gave you more than half of my life. Sometimes it was possible, sometimes it failed. Hope you enjoy the song. “The local streaming content platform was recognized by RobiCrine“ I can't say. ” Now you can listen to the music video on the Banglaodol channel on YouTube channel. In addition, the song is also on the internal streaming platform. Anyone can listen to the song with the number 24646.

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