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Indian Housewife in Bangladesh Loves Tension at the Border

BGB officials are talking with locals. Photo: Collected

How many people do nothing for love. This time the housewife fled from India to Bangladesh in a fit of love, and tension is growing on the border.

The incident occurred in Jantapur-upazil on the outskirts of Sylhet on Tuesday afternoon.

It is reported that Feroz Mia, the son of Harish Uddin, a resident of the Tiparahal border region, Jintapur was taken away, on Saturday brought Chankar Hasiya, a housewife of the Hasiya community, in Haivasti, on the outskirts of the Indian border. They had an affair for quite some time.

A meeting with the flag of the border guards of the two countries took place on the border last Sunday. At a flag meeting, the BGB assures Indian women to return within two days. But the woman was hiding with Firoz, but the BGB could not find them.

On the other hand, the slums of Hassia from the Indian city of Hay entered Tuesday into the border of Bangladesh with the international zone of pillar No. 121 at about 14:00. Armed Khasias captured Abdul Nur, the son of Taimul Ali from the village of Tiparahala. At this time, Khasias captured hundreds of Bangladeshi cattle from Haor, and then tension between the two countries intensified at the border.

Meanwhile, Abdul Kadir, the camp commander of the Jantapur camp of the BGB, Mansur Ahmed, a member of UE “Nizpat” and Abdul Halim, visited the scene.

Abdul Kadir, commander of the Jantapur camp in the BGB, said: "After the incident last Saturday, I talked with Hasias through the Indian Border Security Forces (BSS) and assured them that they would return the Indian women in two days." They put our words into practice. But the Feroz family did not listen to us, and the Hassi Indians were excited and entered the borders of Bangladesh and took several cows along with Abdul Nur.

He said: “I reported this to higher authorities. The border patrol has been strengthened so that Khasias can no longer catch Bangladeshi cows. "

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