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In Bogra Sadar, more than half of the AL voted for 11 years

The Bogra-6 (Sadar) constituency has been lost since 1979, that is, 40 years of Awami League due to incorrect reasons for electing candidates, disputes and the inability of activists, as well as disobedience to the High Command.

It was in the possession of the party Jatiya for 5 years in a great union. In addition, in 2008, the candidate for the League of Awami scored more than 74,000 votes, but in 11 years fell to a maximum of 11 years. For this reason, the Sadar seat has long been stored in Jamaat and BNP.

Veteran journalist Abdur Rahim Bagarha and Wikipedia sources investigating Bogra’s history say that in the elections of the 1970s leader of the League Awami, doctor of chemical sciences, Zahidur Rahman, leader of the League of Awami, Hashem Ali Khan Jahidi in 1973, S.M. . Faruk from BNP in 1979, Maulana Jamaat Abdur Rahman Fakir, independent candidate Saifur Rahman Bhan in 1988 Dari, fifth parliamentary elections. Advocate Mujibur Rahman in 1991, 6th parliamentary elections on June 1, 1996, BNP chairman Khaled Ziya was elected.

Later, when he left the chair, BNP lawyer Jahurul Islam was elected a member of the by-election. Khaled Ziya was elected Chairman of the BNP Chairman Khaled Zia at the 8th parliamentary election on October 1, 2001 and again at the 9th parliamentary election in 2008. Barrister Jamir Uddin Sarkar was elected in a by-election when he left the seat.

Nurul Islam Omar, a member of the Jatiya party, became a member of the Grand Alliance, led by the League of Awami, as a candidate to participate in the non-competitive struggle to boycott the elections to the BNP-Jamaat alliance in 2014.

On December 30, 2014, BNP General Secretary Mirza Fahrul Islam Alamgir was elected in eleven parliamentary elections, defeating Party candidate Jatia Nurul Islam Omar, candidate for great alliances. Fahrul received 2,07,255 votes, and the candidate for the great alliance Nurul Islam Omar received 40 thousand 362 votes.

Later, the seat was declared vacant after Mirza Fahrul did not take the oath in this constituency. In the by-election by June 24, BNP candidate Ghulam Mohammad Siraj was elected as a member of Jati Sangsad, receiving 89,742 votes. His closest rival, candidate for the regional divisions of the League Awami, SMT general secretary Zaman Niketta scored 32,297 votes.

Residents of Bogra, who do not know the name of the League of Awami, occupying a seat in Bogra-Sadar for 40 long years, and are in the possession of the BNP, said that the inhabitants of Bogra could not forget about the persecution of the security forces after independence. Therefore, they abandoned League Awami. So the League of Awami voting falls that day.

In the 2001 elections, Liga Awami Mahbubul Alam competed with BNP chairman Khaleda Zia and scored 54,000 votes.

District League President Awami Alhaj Mamtaz Uddin received 9,634 votes in the ninth parliamentary elections in 2008, competing with BNP chairman Khaleda Zia. Since then, the Awami League voting has declined in this constituency.

Nurul Islam Omar, the candidate of the great alliance in the Sadar district, received only 40 thousand 362 votes in the eleventh parliamentary election on December 30. On June 24, the candidate for the League of Awami SMT Zaman Niketta received 32,297 votes, and over the past 11 years, the League of Awami lost 42 of 337 votes.

In addition, on March 18, the candidate of the League of Awami from the candidate of the League of Awami Sadar upazila Abu Sufyan Shafik received 37 thousand 492 votes, and the General Secretary of the League of Youth Wing of Dalia Khatun Rikta received 30 thousand 618 votes. Be them Both of them defeated candidate BNP.

Regarding the reduction of the votes of League Awami in the Sadar electoral district, the acting president of the district politician of League Awami said. Macbul Hossain said that the process of campaigning is wrong, without meeting with voters, meeting with places in the city, uninterrupted leadership of responsible leaders and lack of cooperation, for various reasons, the votes of the League of Awami are reduced from day to day for various reasons.

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