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In addition to tears, indignation of actresses?

Why are people like Subarna Mustafa, Afsana Mimi, Bipasha Khayat and Karim still loved? Because no one could resist them in the specified table. Whenever it was popular, it broke down by itself. Actually played a different role than the popular character. But now what drama?

Popular actresses of this time were imprisoned in certain categories. The popularity of one character means that more than 50 other tasks will be completed in the same way. Let me take a look at Mehzabin. She is called the most popular actress of that period. In several plays, such as The Big Boy, he cried a lot. Thanks to this, everyone gave him a good actress. After that, he began to cry. I cry for two to three years. Sometimes it stops, the game is not popular again. When he started crying again, he was viral. Understand that in this century it is impossible to become viral again. This cry of Mekhzabin is now worried by the public. But administrators will not stop. Maybe he still thinks about the story about him, where he cries. Mekhzabin is undoubtedly the most popular and famous actress of this period. His versatile acting talents are here. But the friendship with crying should have been reduced to a little more, and the audience would have to wear it.

This is a lot of people who were able to make Mehzabine. And does tanzin quiet? He talked a lot with the singer Habib. Although he acknowledged that love there and Habib denied. He did not speak or speak. Let's discuss something about his present. Now he has become the constant heroine of Afran Nisho in a drama similar to the "Humorous Khan" in the film. Most of his plays in this Eid with Afran Nissau. Spectators are so annoyed with what they see. But this couple along with another complaint. With acting, she now wants to present herself a little more attractive. Now, in almost every drama, his dress and gesture prove it now. Keeping it in your dialogue. This is a bit open, trying to convince the viewer that he wants to show himself as a quality actress.

Who is a performer without Mehzabin and Silence? Eid drama was not found that they were without them.

The web series is constantly getting desperate. The television drama is now turning into indecency. Yana, Sona, Babu, words are checked by directors who are trying to adjust the tactics. Which has never been seen, this should be avoided. And the directors use top-notch actresses for this.

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